Welcome to Kimberly Elise & Co.  My name is Kimberly Elise, (yes that is my real name)  creator and designer of Grazing Tables, Luxury Picnics, beautiful Tablescape Designs and all things Charcuterie. My years of providing experiences and memorable events have been directly related to my commitment to making everything around be beautiful and a deep passion for creating edible art.

Kimberly Elise & Co. is committed to "Grazing the Fabulous Way."



I love the way food brings us together; and I believe delicious meals, laughter and great company are some of the finest luxuries of our lifetime. 


My goal is to hear every client say, “This looks gorgeous, the food smells amazing,  the food is delicious, this is everything I imagined and we enjoyed Grazing the Fabulous Way.”

The only thing greater than my love for food is sharing my gift with others. 

Food is my Love language!  Cheers to "Grazing the Fabulous Way."